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Bald Eagle in Pennsylvania live cam

🔴 Camera Bald Eagle in Pennsylvania Online

Latin name: Haliaeetus leucocephalusWebcam Location: USA, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Description of the webcam Bald Eagle in Pennsylvania

Live PTZ webcam broadcasts a view of the bald eagle nest in the city of Pittsburgh USA in real time. A pair of bald eagles currently nest 5 miles from downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, near the Monongahela River. The webcam allows you to remotely watch birds.
The live stream from the camera is transmitted over the cellular network, and since the system is installed in a remote location, it is battery powered and charged by solar panels.
The camera is a Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera with built-in IR lights for night viewing. The live webcam is installed in a tree about 9 meters from the nest, overlooking the nest. The operator can remotely move and zoom the camera (up to 36x optical zoom) to follow the eagles. During the day, the video will be broadcast in color, and at night it will be in black and white.

Our live bird webcam shows you "Bald Eagle in Pennsylvania" with video quality HD 1080p belongs to category and is located in USA, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania real time.




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