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Falcon nest in Orange live cam

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Latin name: Falco peregrinusWebcam Location: Orange, New South Wales, Australia
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Description of the webcam Falcon nest in Orange

Live webcam shows a peregrine falcon nest on the outskirts of the city of Orange in Australia in real time. The nest is located in a wooden box on top of a water tower located on the grounds of Charles Sturt University in Orange, in the West Central region of the Australian state of New South Wales.
The online camera is designed to study the reproductive behavior and diet of a family of non-migratory peregrine falcons permanently residing in Australia. This project has been approved by the CSU Animal Ethics Committee.
The webcam at the nest of peregrine falcons in Orange works around the clock in real time.

Our live bird webcam shows you "Falcon nest in Orange" with video quality HD 1080p belongs to category and is located in Orange, New South Wales, Australia real time.




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