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Ospreys in Dunrovin Ranch live cam

🔴 Camera Ospreys in Dunrovin Ranch Online

Latin name: Pandion haliaetusWebcam Location: USA, Dunrovin Ranch, Lolo, Montana
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Description of the webcam Ospreys in Dunrovin Ranch

Live webcam watching the Osprey nest in Montana at Dunrovin Ranch Lolo in the USA. A large bird of prey 55-58 cm long, with a wingspan of 145-170 cm. Long wings are characteristically curved at the carpal joint. The feathers of the upper side of the body are brown; crown, occiput and underside of body white; there are dark brown spots around the wrist joint, and a speckled necklace around the neck. On the side of the head there is a brown strip passing from the beak through the eye and neck.

Our live bird webcam shows you "Ospreys in Dunrovin Ranch" with video quality HD 720p belongs to category and is located in USA, Dunrovin Ranch, Lolo, Montana real time.




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