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Ospreys in Marbury live cam

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Latin name: Pandion haliaetusWebcam Location: USA, Smallwood State Park, Marbury, Maryland
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Description of the webcam Ospreys in Marbury

Welcome to the ‘Osprey Cam’ at Smallwood State Park in Marbury, Maryland, United State. Thanks to a generous donation from the Southern Maryland Audubon Society, we are excited to be able to offer you a live-stream feed of an Osprey nest here at the park. Osprey are generally most active on this nest site between mid March and early July, however, it is not uncommon to have other birds such as Bald Eagles stop to rest on the platform at other times of the year.

Our live bird webcam shows you "Ospreys in Marbury" with video quality HD 1080p belongs to category and is located in USA, Smallwood State Park, Marbury, Maryland real time.




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