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Bald Eagle in Sydney live cam

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Latin name: Haliaeetus leucocephalusWebcam Location: Parramatta River, Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia
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Description of the webcam Bald Eagle in Sydney

Live webcam shows the nest of the sea eagle in real time. The nest is located in a tree near the Parramatta River in the Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia. The sea eagle, also known as the white-bellied sea eagle, is a bird of prey from the hawk family.
While bald eagle chicks have already fledged in the northern hemisphere, white-bellied eagles are just beginning to hatch in the southern hemisphere. And vice versa. Live webcams and the difference in seasons in different hemispheres of our planet allow year-round observation of bald and white-bellied eagles and their chicks.

Our live bird webcam shows you "Bald Eagle in Sydney" with video quality HD 1080p belongs to category and is located in Parramatta River, Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia real time.




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